It Works !

An amazing thing happened yesterday. We typically source all office supplies from a few small stationery shops located near our office. Our regular guy wasn’t picking his phone when it struck someone that we should probably attempt a search on ‘Marketplace’ – the section listing different businesses on Shoplocal. A quick search led to a few stores and before we knew it we had quotes from two businesses near the office. Finally, Rishi, Our Sr. iOS Engg, settled on one vendor (Shiv Shakti Stationers ) who agreed to deliver the cartridge to our office.

shoplocal app

app screenshot


What started as a cheeky double checking of the sales team’s efforts quickly became a hot topic we realised that not only had we used Shoplocal to find and buy a printer cartridge and save 500 bucks in the bargain ! This will potentially save us Rs. 24,000 per annum. The pride & excitement on the face of the engg who made the call was palpable. “It works !”

Yes, it does. :)